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Paul Adderley is a soil scientist with interests in geoarchaeology and environmental history.
He holds a prestigious RCUK Academic Fellowship at the University of Stirling, Scotland, and specialises in research surrounding the sustainability of societies in marginal, or extreme, environments such as in Greenland and the African Sahel.

He studied at the University of Wales, was appointed research officer of a major overseas development project in 1992, and was awarded his PhD in soil science in 1998. A NESTA awardee in 2004, recent work has included investigating new ways of expressing the outputs from scientific studies. He lectures at Stirling on topics surrounding soils science, landscape management and environmental risk.

His recent scientific studies have centred on developing understandings of long-term societal-climatic interactions, combining long-term historical data of climate such as ice-core and lake-core proxy records with more recent landscape evaluations both anthrocentric and process-based. e.g. anthropological investigation of local naming conventions of soils and landscapes in the Sahel

Univ. of Stirling webpage

Relevant research papers on ScienceDirect:

Enhancing ethno-pedology: integrated approaches to Kanuri and Shuwa Arab definitions in the Kala–Balge region, northeast Nigeria(2004)

Soils and palaeo-climate based evidence for irrigation requirements in Norse Greenland (2006)

Michael Young is a composer with interests in real-time computer music, interdiscipinary practice and performance. He studied at Oxford University and with John Casken at Durham University, completing a PhD in composition in 1995. He lectures at Goldsmiths, University of London in the Electronic Music Studios (EMS). He is co-founder of the Live Algorithms for Music Network.

His recent music has focussed on interactive/generative systems, exploring the interface between composed and improvised music-making. Argrophylax (2004/6), written for oboist Chris Redgate, and ebbs- (violin, cello, electronics, 2006) invite performer(s) to negotiate a partly prescribed score; instigating, and responding to, computer-generated behaviours. Argrophylax is available on the CD Oboe+: Berio and Beyond available on iTunes here & via www.oboeclassics.com.

Other projects, including aur(or)a (2007) and _prosthesis (2007-) have extended this approach into free improvisation and machine learning. He has worked with jazz musicians and improvisers as pianist, laptop musician and/or composer, and has been commissioned to provide electroacoustic music for theatre and gallery exhibitions. A photo-image/soundscape collaboration with John Goto, New World Circus, completed an Arts Council UK tour in 2007.

Further information, sound files, scores, images: www.michaelyoung.info


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